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The SCFMS is a member of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS)

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SCFMS Voting for Officers for 2021 is now in process by EMAIL. If you are a Director (SCFMS Club President or their Designated Representative)  or a current SCFMS Officer you should have received a Ballot on October 19 from the SCFMS Secretary, Elizabeth (Liz) Buford. you need to return the Ballot to the SCFMS Executive Secretary, Kimberly J. Brannon by email at kimberlyarts@hotmail.com. Please return you vote as soon as possible. If you did not receive your ballot, please contact the SCFMS Secretary, Liz Buford at scfmssecretary@gmail.com.


SCFMS Purpose

·        To promote popular interest and education in the various earth sciences, in particular those hobbies dealing with the art of lapidaries and the science of minerals, fossils, as well as their associated fields.

·        To cooperate with educational and scientific institutions or other groups engage in increasing knowledge in the earth sciences.

·        To cooperate with or become members of similar Federations in the United States and elsewhere.

·        To assist in the formation of earth sciences societies in localities where public interest justifies their formation.